Discover the Crypt of the Original Sin and trek in the Ravine of Matera


Visit one of the most fascinating places in Southern Italy: The Crypt of the Original Sin. Set along the ancient Appian way, the Crypt of the Original Sin (also known as the “sistin chapel” of rupestrian (rock) wall painting), this cycle of frescoes dates back to the 9th century A.D., offering a suggestive representation…

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Degustations of local gastronomic heritage at “Celli’s Bottega della Carne”

Since 1959 Celli’s butchery has guaranteed its customers safe, high quality meats from the PGI Marchigiana breed of adult bovines. The selected and controlled bovines are raised on uncontaminated pastures in Pietro Grazia’s farm in the area of Miniera in Novafeltria. Agostino Celli, the patriarch of the family, together with his wife Ruffina Cinarelli,…

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Visit the Ancient Stamperia Carpegna


Ancient printing on tissue – a six generation family tradition. The Ancient Stamperia Carpegna has hand printed on canvas for six generations, using matrices in wood and the traditional rust color ink. Visiting the shop, you can admire over a thousand different wooden matrices on the old shelves, marking the passage of generations. Floral, pictorial, and…

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Visit Ancient Wine Cellars


Visit the ancient wine cellars of Vulture, located in the northwestern part of the Basilicata region. Since the time of the Greeks, the fertile volcanic soil and rich mineral waters of Vulture has allowed for the cultivation of excellent grapes and olives in this area. A wine tasting, a walk along the vineyards, and a visit to the…

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Visit Masseria Fortificata – a Fortified Farm


Situated in the Agri River Valley, the Masseria fortificata (fortified farm) evokes memories of times past, when 100 people lived together as a community and when all food products were organic and homemade. Masseria date back to the 16th through 19th centuries, and were typically fortified – originally against attacks by Turks or…

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Cut the stress


Explore the San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge’s private forest and help create the fuel bundles that heat the stove and fireplace. You are invited by Stefano, the owner of the San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge, to join him in the lodge’s private forest and help cut wood! Create the so-called “Shabe” – bundles of sticks (fagots) composed of…

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Private Vineyard Tour and Wine Tasting


The rolling vineyards of Castello di Vicarello encircle the castle and roll down towards the Mediterranean Woods (Macchia Mediterranea), offering an extraordinary panoramic landscape. This area of Tuscany is renowned for its wine growing potential, soil and climate, as well as for the philosophy and advanced systems of wine production. The methods of…

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Mushroom hunting


Pick mushrooms in the nearby forest, and enjoy the fruits of your labor as part of your dinner tonight! Guests are invited by Stefano, the owner of the San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge, to participate to an unforgettable mushroom hunt in the nearby forest. Before you set out, Stefano will explain the kind of…

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Cooking Classes at Castello di Vicarello


At Castello di Vicarello, food is not only a passion, it is an organic way of life. We grow our own vegetables, produce wine and oil, and our kitchen offers home-cooked Tuscan meals based on local and seasonal ingredients. Cooking classes are offered to guests in the 11th Century kitchen, the recipes chosen…

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Pazzo for Pecorino


Go crazy for Pecorino – Italian cheese made from sheep’s milk. This tour is held in the Pecorino cheese capital of Maremma-Roccalbegna, with a focus on what makes this local sheep’s milk cheese the most prized of all the Pecorino. Visit a local producer, tasting all of the different ages of Pecorino, from ‘stagionato’…

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The Borghi


As in the olden days, today’s Petrella Guidi owes its magic to its historically important position amidst three highly diverse Italian regions – Marche, Emilia Romagna, and Tuscany. The typical features of these three distinct regions have shaped the character of the valley in which Petrella Guidi is situated, Valmarecchia, and account for…

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Visit the lodge’s farm and stalls


Visit the stalls at the Maso Oberramwald, where the cows and the goats of the San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge are kept. In the company of Herbert, the lodge’s farmer, you will discover the techniques and the significance of organic farming, and discover the charming and tough world of animal breeding in the mountains. You can help…

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