San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge


Luxury Chalet in the Dolomites – Italy A Unique and Exclusive Dream It all begins with a simple little road. It is this enchanting forest lane that transports guests into a rare and stylish world: San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge. Unique in the Dolomites, this charming retreat is set apart by unparalleled luxury and elegance….

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Petrella Guidi


Historical Hideaway – MONTEFELTRO, EMILIA ROMAGNA This place of reflection and creative leisure is born of a vision of a simple, yet refined lifestyle, where the soul can rest and enter into a harmonious dialogue between joie de vivre and conviviality. A well-hidden place ideal for reflection, relaxation, and creative leisure. Petrella Guidi Lodge &…

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Castello di Vicarello


Luxury Castle Retreat –  Maremma, Tuscany, Italy “On certain days, with clear blue sky, the sea appears in the far distance and the fresh salty sea breeze blows inland.” This 12th-century castle in the Tuscan coastal region of Maremma is independently owned and operated by Aurora and Carlo Baccheschi Berti. Before renovating this ancient structure into the…

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Palazzo Margherita


A WELCOMING PALACE IN BERNALDA, SOUTHERN ITALY PALATIAL COMFORT – A DREAM COME TRUE Palazzo Margherita, built in 1892 in Bernalda by the Margherita family, is a true 19th century palazzo (a palace or palacial building). Bernalda was the birthplace and home of Agostino Coppola, Francis Ford Coppola’s grandfather, who always referred to…

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