An Unforgettable Journey Discovering a Hidden Italy

An immersive, perspective-shifting itinerary that challenges and inspires the sophisticated traveller on a deeply personal level, creating emotion through the powerful medium of storytelling and transforming their life for the better.

The Grand Tour is a trip dedicated to one’s soul. Travelers will experiment with the idea of travel as experience and knowledge, and as an opportunity for self-growth. The objective is to discover who we are through a sequence of places, landscapes, colors, manners, cities, and monuments. Otium in Italy by Dolomite Mountains offers this priceless experience based on the cultural background of the Grand Tour d’Italie.

Beginning in the late sixteenth century, it became fashionable for young aristocrats and writers to visit Italy as the culmination of their classical education. Thus was born the idea of the Grand Tour, a practice that introduced Englishmen, Germans, Scandinavians, and also Americans, to the art and culture of Italy for the next 300 years. Travel was arduous and costly during this period, possible only for the privileged class—the same that produced gentleman scientists, authors, antiquaries, and patrons of the arts. The Grand Tour not only provided a capstone to their liberal education, but also became a symbol of wealth and freedom.

The primary goal of Otium in Italy is to offer to its guests a way to “revisit” this “new” idea of travelling, of visiting Italy through the discovery of places and people who can transform a simple trip in an unforgettable experience. In a single word: Otium. The Romans knew the concept, and conceived the word OTIUM that was synonymous with creativity, intellectual inquiry, and lightness of being. Webster’s Dictionary today defines it as “leisure with dignity.” And on this Grand Tour, we offer a fresh approach to traveling in today’s modern world, to quenching your curiosity and thirst for knowledge, culture, creativity, and enjoyment.

Otium in Italy is a special journey through Italy; the uniqueness of the proposal is in being able to understand it. From the Italian Alps to Southern Italy, this unique itinerary will take you on a journey through Italy in all its glory, along with the best of modern times. A series of unique and unforgettable experiences will take you off the beaten track in Italy, to a world where time is on your side and culture is on your doorstep, all drawn together by common threads of a pure authenticity, complete exclusivity, and genuine hospitality.

“When I indulge in self-reflection, as I like to do occasionally, I discover in myself a feeling which gives me great joy. Let me put it like this. In this place, whoever looks seriously about him and has eyes to see is bound to become a stronger character… At least, I can say that I have never been so sensitive to the things of this world as I am here. The blessed consequences will, I believe, affect my whole future life”
(Goethe, Italian Journey, 1816-17)


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