Ancient printing on tissue – a six generation family tradition.

The Ancient Stamperia Carpegna has hand printed on canvas for six generations, using matrices in wood and the traditional rust color ink. Visiting the shop, you can admire over a thousand different wooden matrices on the old shelves, marking the passage of generations. Floral, pictorial, and traditional icons can be found, as well as those that testify to a popular religiosity including the classic icon of St. Anthony Abbot, patron of pets and domestic animals, once printed on the covers of the oxen.

Ancient molds with ornamental and cashmere fantasies bring to the mind the hand printing on canvas that was practiced throughout Europe in the first half of the nineteenth century, following William Morris and the “Arts and Crafts” movement.

The Ancient Stamperia Carpegna is one of the few traditional artistic handicrafts that is still present in the territory of Montefeltro, recognized with the trademark “1M …workshops of the artisan excellence”.

HOW LONG IT TAKES:  About 2 hours
HOW FAR FROM THE LODGE:  25 minutes by car
GUIDE:  Emmanuele Francioni, owner of “Antica Stamperia Carpegna”
WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE EXPERIENCE:  Transfer to and from the lodge