Pick mushrooms in the nearby forest, and enjoy the fruits of your labor as part of your dinner tonight!

Guests are invited by Stefano, the owner of the San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge, to participate to an unforgettable mushroom hunt in the nearby forest. Before you set out, Stefano will explain the kind of mushrooms you may find in the forest, the ones that are edible, and the ones that are not. Together you will begin looking for the precious mushrooms! If Stefano locates edible mushrooms first, he will direct guests to that area, so guests can find them themselves! At the end of the forest experience, upon reaching the lodge, Stefano will teach you how to properly clean mushrooms. In the evening, all the mushrooms will be cooked by the chef and served as part of dinner!

WHERE THE EXPERIENCE WILL TAKE PLACE:  In the private forest near the lodge

HOW LONG IT TAKES:  2 to 4 hours

HOW FAR FROM THE LODGE:  5 minutes walking

SUGGESTED PERIOD:  August and September

RECOMMENDED TIME OF DAY:  From sunrise to early afternoon

GUIDE:  Owner of the lodge


  • A basket to collect mushrooms
  • A trekking pole to help walking in the forest
  • A rucksack (backpack) with water and snacks
  • Soft drinks