Go crazy for Pecorino – Italian cheese made from sheep’s milk.

This tour is held in the Pecorino cheese capital of Maremma-Roccalbegna, with a focus on what makes this local sheep’s milk cheese the most prized of all the Pecorino. Visit a local producer, tasting all of the different ages of Pecorino, from ‘stagionato’ (aged), to ‘semi-stagionato,’ and ‘fresco’ (fresh). Learn the characteristics of a good Pecorino, from the texture, flavor, and the color of the rind.

Next visit a small dairy farm that produces the milk, where you will learn to and help make Pecorino cheese, under the guidance of a “casaro” or cheesemaker.

The day ends with a cheese tasting and a lunch on the farm or at a nearby agriturismo. By the end of this tour, you’re sure to be “pazzo” or crazy for Pecorino too!