The rolling vineyards of Castello di Vicarello encircle the castle and roll down towards the Mediterranean Woods (Macchia Mediterranea), offering an extraordinary panoramic landscape.

This area of Tuscany is renowned for its wine growing potential, soil and climate, as well as for the philosophy and advanced systems of wine production. The methods of wine growing at Castello di Vicarello are based on biological and organic processes, which have led to the creation of some of the finest red wines in Tuscany, gaining international acclaim in our first year!

The visit to the Castello di Vicarello vineyards includes exploring the original vineyards as well as the new experimental vines. Hosted by either the owner of Castello di Vicarello, Carlo Baccheschi-Berti or his assistant, guests will be guided through the various processes which have resulted in the production of award-winning Vicarello wines.
At the end of this “training walk,” a wine tasting will take place in one of the castle’s evocative medieval kitchens.