Luxury Chalet in the Dolomites – Italy

A Unique and Exclusive Dream

It all begins with a simple little road. It is this enchanting forest lane that transports guests into a rare and stylish world: San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge. Unique in the Dolomites, this charming retreat is set apart by unparalleled luxury and elegance.

Giorgia and Stefano have created a chic and cozy nest here, within the heavy walls of this former hunting lodge: the feeling is of being afloat in a warm and sumptuous world. Being at San Lorenzo is being at one with Mother Nature, in the regal company of her Alpine peaks.

The San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge is a romantic chalet with incomparable style, charm and panorama. Luxury and elegance make up this charming lodge that is unique among the Dolomites. Giorgia and Stefano have recreated the atmosphere of a cozy dwelling immersed in nature among the alpine peaks where everything is sensuous and adrift. The hosts have given elegance and harmony to this mountain residence with serene and uncanny luxury and ecological style where you can find refuge and cradle yourself within the sweetest pleasures. Here you can find unaltered tradition and noble craftsmanship that is wisely kept and taken care of by the hosts.

Giorgia & Stefano Barbini


  • Wood-chopping, picking berries and gathering mushrooms with Stefano in the lodge’s woodlands
  • Introduction to wood carving
  • Cooking classes learning Giorgia’s recipes
  • Visit the stalls at the Maso Oberramwald, where the lodge’s cows and goats are kept
  • Relaxation and meditation with the lodge’s health coach
  • Private skiing and snowboarding instruction with expert coaches
  • Cross country skiing in the unique Dolomite landscape
  • Snowshoe hikes
  • Moonlight sleigh-rides
  • Visits to South Tyrol’s best wineries, with wine tasting
  • Biking tours on famous routes in the Dolomites
  • Mountain bike excursions with nationally accredited mountain-bike trainers
  • Hiking in the beautiful Dolomites, a recently added UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Excursions on vie ferrate (fixed-rope routes) with professional mountain guides
    … and much more.