Discover the Crypt of the Original Sin and trek in the Ravine of Matera


Visit one of the most fascinating places in Southern Italy: The Crypt of the Original Sin. Set along the ancient Appian way, the Crypt of the Original Sin (also known as the “sistin chapel” of rupestrian (rock) wall painting), this cycle of frescoes dates back to the 9th century A.D., offering a suggestive representation…

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Visit Ancient Wine Cellars


Visit the ancient wine cellars of Vulture, located in the northwestern part of the Basilicata region. Since the time of the Greeks, the fertile volcanic soil and rich mineral waters of Vulture has allowed for the cultivation of excellent grapes and olives in this area. A wine tasting, a walk along the vineyards, and a visit to the…

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Visit Masseria Fortificata – a Fortified Farm


Situated in the Agri River Valley, the Masseria fortificata (fortified farm) evokes memories of times past, when 100 people lived together as a community and when all food products were organic and homemade. Masseria date back to the 16th through 19th centuries, and were typically fortified – originally against attacks by Turks or…

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