Private Vineyard Tour and Wine Tasting


The rolling vineyards of Castello di Vicarello encircle the castle and roll down towards the Mediterranean Woods (Macchia Mediterranea), offering an extraordinary panoramic landscape. This area of Tuscany is renowned for its wine growing potential, soil and climate, as well as for the philosophy and advanced systems of wine production. The methods of…

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Cooking Classes at Castello di Vicarello


At Castello di Vicarello, food is not only a passion, it is an organic way of life. We grow our own vegetables, produce wine and oil, and our kitchen offers home-cooked Tuscan meals based on local and seasonal ingredients. Cooking classes are offered to guests in the 11th Century kitchen, the recipes chosen…

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Pazzo for Pecorino


Go crazy for Pecorino – Italian cheese made from sheep’s milk. This tour is held in the Pecorino cheese capital of Maremma-Roccalbegna, with a focus on what makes this local sheep’s milk cheese the most prized of all the Pecorino. Visit a local producer, tasting all of the different ages of Pecorino, from ‘stagionato’…

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