Degustations of local gastronomic heritage at “Celli’s Bottega della Carne”

Since 1959 Celli’s butchery has guaranteed its customers safe, high quality meats from the PGI Marchigiana breed of adult bovines. The selected and controlled bovines are raised on uncontaminated pastures in Pietro Grazia’s farm in the area of Miniera in Novafeltria. Agostino Celli, the patriarch of the family, together with his wife Ruffina Cinarelli,…

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Visit the Ancient Stamperia Carpegna


Ancient printing on tissue – a six generation family tradition. The Ancient Stamperia Carpegna has hand printed on canvas for six generations, using matrices in wood and the traditional rust color ink. Visiting the shop, you can admire over a thousand different wooden matrices on the old shelves, marking the passage of generations. Floral, pictorial, and…

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The Borghi


As in the olden days, today’s Petrella Guidi owes its magic to its historically important position amidst three highly diverse Italian regions – Marche, Emilia Romagna, and Tuscany. The typical features of these three distinct regions have shaped the character of the valley in which Petrella Guidi is situated, Valmarecchia, and account for…

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