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Otium in Italy
Il Consorzio delle Eccellenze dell'Ospitalità Italiana

Paragon 700

Palazzo Rosso’s secret menu

By Otiuminitaly · 22 September 2020

Restaurant 700 is soon to present a casket full of precious surprises: just close your eyes so that you can begin the journey among the delicious flavours. The enchanting landscape absorbs the warm colours which will then be presented on cold winter evenings warmed by a crackling fire and the autumn fruits gathered from the […]

Paragon 700

Primitivo: Wine of Puglia

By Otiuminitaly · 20 September 2017

Puglia is a truly magical region: its fertile soil tastes the sun-kissed air and feels the light breeze blowing from the sea. The local culture is built on the region’s many historical influences handed down from older civilizations that throughout the centuries controlled its shores leaving behind their mark of knowledge and tradition including their […]